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The 10 specific things I guarantee to do if elected to Congress that Bob Latta hasn’t and never will:

1. Cut spending! Find at least one proposal every month I am in Washington to stop the growth of government. Republicans have forgotten that is their job.

2. Join the freedom caucus!

3. Introduce legislation to prohibit federal funding to any agency that performs abortions.

4.  Call for an article five convention of the states to pass balanced budget and term limit amendments to take power out of Washington.

5. Promote the fair tax plus plan to simplify taxes and health care. Read more in the link above!

6. Sponsor legislation to prohibit foreign aid when there is a budget deficit.

7. Fight for full and immediate repeal of Obamacare so we can start from scratch and create a Bipartisan health care law based on health savings accounts that gets government out of health care decisions.

8. Stand up to the media onslaught whether it be false claims of racism or a Russia witch hunt – Have a backbone when it is time to make the conservative argument.

9. Communicate by holding town halls and producing bi-weekly columns that expose what is happening in thee swamp and how it is bankrupting our country.


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The Conservative Story is a book about how establishment Republicans, including the current representative of Northwest Ohio, have betrayed the conservative cause and allowed the progressive agenda to take over the country. It offers solutions on how to fight this takeover and how to identify the true enemies of conservatives – the ones who tell us what we want to hear and then do the opposite.

Todd Wolfrum’s The Conservative Story is now available on Amazon.Click here to buy the book!

About Todd


Todd Wolfrum is a lifelong resident of Northwest Ohio. He is serving his second term as Van Wert County Commissioner. He is also a practicing attorney, business owner and author. He is a graduate of Lincolnview High School, Bluffton College (now Bluffton University) and the University of Toledo College of Law and currently resides with his wife and sons in rural Van Wert County.

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